We stand with many other Human Rights Groups Across the World.

Support your Local Non-profit Groups that seek to help establish Human Rights for it’s Citizens.

Australia may be the only western democracy with no human rights act.
We now have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to fix this!
Human privileges are just like values.  For instance, all of us value our dignity and freedom,
and everybody wants to be treated equally – all forms of human rights.  A human
rights act will be a resolve for acknowledging everyone’s human rights, no
matter who they really are or where they’re from.
By improving human rights, we are able to develop a society of the ‘fair’ for everybody.
Because Australia and Queensland don’t have the comprehensive protection of
privileges supplied by human rights functions, you will find numerous areas by which
people’s rights are improperly protected, resulting in difficulty and inequity.
Human Rights are missing as to the following Groups of Peoples and Programs:

  • access to health care
  • Indigenous population
  • children and young people
  • lesbian, gay and transgender
  • civil and political privileges
  • older people disability
  • individuals with a mental illness
  • employees
  • discrimination on the basis of religion or belief
  • education
  • refugees and asylum searchers
  • women
  • housing
  • prisoners

A human rights act doesn’t just safeguards these along with other rights, it produces an atmosphere where a human rights culture can emerge.  Evidence in the United kingdom and NZ
implies that, consequently of human rights functions finding yourself in place, government services
are supplied inside a more sensitive and equitable manner.

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